Vermicomposting with red wigglers in the classroom is a natural fit for the Kindergarten program.The dominant take away message for kids when first introduced to vermicomposting is “worms eat our garbage and then poop” (giggle, giggle :)). What better way to engage a child in the classroom than by discussing poop! Vermicomposting is an age appropriate, relevant, tangible, thought provoking and environmentally conscious teaching tool. An in-class vermicomposter promotes learning by tapping into children’s natural sense of curiosity and their desire to explore and inquire. Incorporating such a tool in the classroom allows children to gain insight and knowledge about the world around them through play, inquiry and exploration.

The following table serves to provide insight, guidance and suggestions of how an in class vermicomposter can meet the specific objectives of The Kindergarten Program (Ontario 2016).   For demonstration purposes, only, a selection of overall expectations have been extracted from  The Kindergarten Program (Ontario 2016), Appendix: Overall Expectations With Related Specific Expectations p.306-318 and highlighted in the following table.