Responsibilities:  US vs You

Smart as Poop will:

  1. Provide one pound of red wiggler composting worms.
  2. Provide all of the equipment necessary to build and maintain your in-class vermicomposter.
  3. Assist and support students while they build their in-class vermicomposter.
  4. Introduce the red wigglers to their care givers.
  5. Educate students about red wigglers, their role in classroom waste management and how to care for them.
  6. Provide a vermicomposting manual.
  7. Provide ongoing vermicomposting support as necessary.


Red Wiggler hosts (students and teacher(s)) will:

  1. Feed their red wigglers.
  2. Ensure and maintain a safe and healthy home (vermicomposter) for their red wigglers.