What’s in it for you?

Teachers today are overworked. By hosting a Smart as Poop in-class vermicomposter you will be providing your students with an invaluable learning tool. An in-class vermicomposter makes learning fun, relevant, tangible, current and yes, even cool. 

What more could a teacher ask for?

Well since you asked ….  NO prep work!

Our team will take the prep and the mess off your hands and leave it in ours, where it belongs. In fact, you won’t even have to get your hands dirty … unless of course you want to. 

The Smart as Poop Team will:

  1. Provide 1 pound of red wiggler composting worms.
  2. Provide ALL of the materials necessary to support your in-class vermicomposter. *
  3. Set up the vermicomposter WITH your students.
  4. Provide an educational introduction to vermicomposting and the power of the red wiggler.
  5. Provide a vermicomposting manual.
  6. Provide support for first time and veteran vermicomposting teachers alike.
  7. Collect the bin at the end of the school year (May-June).

*Smart as Poop will not provide a food source for the red wigglers. The good news is that your students will! Red wigglers will thrive on food scraps from your student’s lunches.